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What’s the Best Blender for Smoothies?

Are you a smoothie junkie? Are you thinking of adding a morning smoothie to your day for an extra health kick? The right blender can help you whip up creamy smoothies in five minutes or less.

If you’re new to the smoothie movement, you may be wondering why you need a blender and how to find the best blender. We’ll answer all this and more in our detailed guide below.

Why Do I Need a Blender?

If you’re making smoothies, a blender is the only option. Why?

  • Blenders are powerful enough to puree and blend foods. Your food processor can’t even come close to the power that blenders have.
  • Blenders are designed for smoothies and shakes. Their tall and narrow pitchers pull foods down toward the blades, so you spend less time scraping the sides.
  • Blenders can crush ice and frozen foods with ease. With powerful motors and smart blade designs, blenders make quick work of frozen foods and ice, so you enjoy creamy and smooth drinks every time.
  • Blenders are easy to use. Simply place all of your ingredients in the pitcher, attach the lid, and press a button. In five minutes or less, you’ll be drinking a flavorful, healthy smoothie.
  • Blenders are versatile. Most models can do more than just make smoothies. Many of them can also dice, chop, grind and purée, which means that you can make salsa, dips, sauces and soups with ease.

Simply put, no other kitchen appliance is designed to make smoothies as efficiently and easily as a blender. And unlike a juicer, a blender leaves the food’s fiber intact.

You know that a blender is the best and only option when it comes to making smoothies, but which model is the right one for you? What’s the absolute best blender for smoothies?

You could spend hours researching products and reading customer reviews, but you lead a busy life and have better things to do. We’ve done all the hard work for you, and handpicked the top five best models on the market.